Importing Budget into EIQ

Importing Budget into EIQ

Importing Budget into EIQ

Summary:  This document explain how to import the budget into EIQ from an Excel Spreadsheet.   The spreadsheet should be formatted correctly for the import to work and the correct budget year etc. needs to be chosen.  When going to a new budget year the Period information on the Budget Import will need to be changed 

Excel Format 

  1. The account numbers should be formatted with the following layout with the dashes inside of the account number need to be added.   
  2. The Amount fields should be a number field with the decimal set to two places
  3. Please assure that there are no blank extra lines at the end of the spreadsheet
  4. Note:  The file must be in the older XLS (excel 97-2003) file format 

Importing the Budget 

  1. Go the General Journal Module – GL Tab/ GJ Entries  
  2. Select any Journal Entry in the Picklist or Create a new one if one does not exist
  3. Go the File Menu and choose Import External File 

  1. Select the Budget Import from the Picklist 

  1. Assure the following is correct
    1. File Type should be Excel
    2. Records to Skip should be 1 – in other words you need to tell the system how many rows to skip to find the first G/L Account
    3. Budget Code:  By default this is the default budget other budget types can be created. 
    4. Fiscal Year:  This is the G/L year that you want to import the budget into, note that if you are changing to a new G/L year you will need to go in and update the Period information 

  1. To Update the period information click on the Period field and select the ellipses from the pick list choose the appropriate Period to match the Month column 
  2. Repeat until all fields have been updated. 

  1. Performing the Import 

  1. Select the Open File button – locate the Excel spreadsheet that you wish to load into EIQ – make sure to set the file type to excel 

  1. After the system loads the Prep Table select the Load Into System Tables Button 
  2. When the process is complete you will get a Message saying ‘Import Completed Successfully’ 

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